Image by Evan Dennis

What is Charity 4thePlanet?

4thePlanet is a Non-Profit Charity Organization with the goal of bringing a positive impact and sharing our vision of preserving our Planet’s ecosystems and wildlife.

What are 4thePlanet Bracelets?

Each bracelet purchase is a donation that lets you directly take part in helping support our mission of preserving and protecting our Planet.

Where do donations go?

Great question! Our teams of volunteers and environmental activist work year round to make the most of each donation. Each month 4thePlanet plants trees, cleans plastic waste from oceans and beaches. Along with improving the quality of life for animals and preserving their habitats, among much more.

Are 4thePlanet bracelets eco-friendly?

Of course! All of our bracelets are hand made from 100% recycled materials, making your impact even greater with each bracelet you order.

What is bracelet of the month?

Each month 4thePlanet’s featured bracelet will be inspired by one of our charity focuses. Allowing us to continuously spread awareness and bring change.

Have more questions?

We have answers! Reach out to: