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We dedicate ourselves to causes that will help bring a positive impact to our planet Earth.

Join the thousands who have already taken the action to take part in helping conserve and protect our planet’s nature and wildlife.

Below are listed some of major charity focuses (But not limited to):

Recycling education & awareness

Ecological, environmental, and wildlife protection

Expanding global health care

Planting trees

Aid to victims of catastrophes, and natural disasters

Support Green Energy research

Cleaning liter from oceans, seas and rivers

Legal representation and legal assistance on environmental issues

Contribution to human and civil rights and fundamental freedoms

Image by Kasturi Laxmi Mohit

4thePlanet was founded on the belief that the charitable actions of individual people is what will give the necessary power to change the world for the better.

When you donate, your contribution goes towards helping to plant trees, save lives of animals, clean the oceans and much much more.

Our Bracelets Are Committed to the Highest Standards

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Non-Profit Charity

4thePlanet is a non-for-profit business, meaning our entire focus is to preserving the Planet and bringing as large an impact as possible, each and every month

100% for the Planet

All of our revenue goes back to making the Earth a better place for the next generations. That’s why we chose the name 4thePlanet!


All of our Bracelets are made from recycled or used materials, so each purchase helps clean the planet even more.

Why is it that hikers, surfers & campers are some of the strongest advocates of 4thePlanet? It’s because they spend time in and around nature. If you’ve personally seen the beauty, the greatness and the fragility of our Planet, you know it’s something we need to preserve.


For every product or subscription purchased we vow to make the most impact possible, focusing on a unique charity each month.