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Save the Earth

with Each Purchase

Our focus at 4thePlanet is to save the Planet Earth which we all share. That’s why all of our bracelets are made from 100% recycled materials. 

By buying a bracelet you are supporting a cleaner planet, planting trees, saving the oceans by removing plastic waste, and preserving wild-life. 

As well as helping to raise awareness about the current state of our planet!


The Original 4thePlanet Bracelet

Instantly connect with a global cause and identify yourself as a member of the 4thePlanet environmental movement. 

An eco-bracelet symbolizes your commitment to saving this great planet we all call home.

When you take part in saving the planet, you aren’t only creating a better world for our future generations, but also attracting good karma and energies to your life.

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Our Mission

We dedicate ourselves to causes that will help bring a positive impact to our planet Earth.

Join the thousands who have already taken the action to take part in helping conserve and protect our planet’s nature and wildlife.


4thePlant Gang Subscription

4thePlant Gang is the only Non-Profit organization with monthly subscriptions, enabling you to consistently have an impact. Making sure our planet is clean and protected for the generations to come.

Together Let’s Make Our Planet Great Again!

Each month you’ll receive a featured bracelet for your support, while your donations will go towards helping conserve and protect our planet’s nature and wildlife.

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Our Volunteers and Teams Help Make Our Planet Great Again 7 Days a Week, Thanks to All Our Supporters!

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